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Send a support message to the Huskies

Photo courtesy of Huskie Athletics

WISH THE TEAM GOOD LUCK BY SENDING A MESSAGE Fellow Alumni – the 2021 version of our team deserves our support in every way. We are requesting some moral support this minute - please upload a 5 second or less video of you with a brief message – “good luck, go get 'em”… or something hopefully more unique and inspirational. We will collate them all and get it to coach Flory to share with the team. We want it in his hands no later than noon Thursday so we need your video submitted by 11am on Wednesday – Do it tonight!

The 5 (well, 4 and an H) Ws:

Who: YOU! From every era of huskies football. If you know someone who is not on an alumni email list – contact them and urge them to participate, too. What: A 5 second or less video wishing the team well – as creatively as you want. When: Right now – you have until Wednesday at 11 a.m. to get your video in. Late videos will not be accepted because of the logistics of formatting the whole package. Why: They are our brothers… and let’s let them know it. How: All of us have cellphones… set it up and let ‘er roll. Upload the completed videos to The following tips and instruction from campus AV services will guide you through everything you need to know: • Consider a location with best available light and little or no background noise. • Have someone shoot your video for you if possible • Set up your shot with some distance between yourself and the background. • Avoid logos on clothing other than Huskies or USask items of course J • Frame yourself in the centre of the frame, look at the camera lens not the phone. Chest/elbows up with a bit of room above your head • Try to avoid watching yourself on the screen. Ideally have someone shoot the video for you • Try to use a solid object such as a doorframe, stack of books on a shelf to steady the camera • Leave time looking at camera before and after speaking and before you start another take (allows you clip time for your edit) • If using your cellphone or iPad to capture audio, get the cellphone as close to the person as possible • Don’t shoot with strong light or a window behind you • Avoid bright lights or TVs in the shot • Shoot near a window, facing the window with the interior behind you. Daylight is best for the camera • If outside beware of bright snow in the background and wind or vehicle noise • Are you recording in a standard format? (Settings> Photos & Camera,>1080p @ 30fps, OR 1080p @ 120fps for slow motion) • Ensure camera is shooting minimum resolution of 1080p (HD) or higher final output video will be 1080p (HD) should say resolution and frame rate on the screen when recording The steps simplified: 1. Read the above and position yourself. 2. Shoot the video. Remember to hold the phone sideways not up and down. Five seconds or less, please. 3. Save the video to your device. 4. Then, on your device: a. Go to your web browser and go to b. Select ‘send a file’. The steps are simple and easy to follow. c. On the next page you select the ‘+’ and you can upload the video from there. d. Hit next and it will guide you. In the message box insert: a. Your name b. The Years you played/coached/or assisted as a trainer/mgr/hydrologist, etc. c. What you do now and where you do it / where you live. d. EXAMPLE: Rich Gabruch ’89, ’93, ‘94 Lawyer at Gabruch Legal Group in Saskatoon e. select ‘send an email’ . f. Send the email to and follow the prompts. g. Hit ‘transfer’ to send the download link Do not e-mail file as this compresses the file and reduces the resolution and the quality of the video will be poor.

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